Something of a portmanteau, similar to a good Bordeaux, or a heavenly gateau... and well, if you have both on hand right now I would say 'glaux' you good thing!

You could say that I have a thing for symbolism, which is what lead me to G L A U X.

It started with looking up the meaning of my name, Sophie, which means wisdom. I should mention, at this point in time I had just completed a Bachelor Degree in Textile Design and, as I ventured deep into a Wiki Wormhole, it really tickled me that the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Athena, was also the Goddess of Handicraft.

Where does G L A U X fit in?
Well, check these pearls (purls) of wisdom;
Athena is often symbolized or accompanied by an owl (oh, those wise old owls!), a Little Owl often referred to as the Owl of Athena. The scientific name for the Little Owl is Athene noctua glaux

Being inherently drawn to all things French (I appreciate good wine and my name is Sophie Marie-Claire after all!) I initially read glaux as "glow" after the soft "oh" sound that many words in the French language ending in eau/eaux have, and it stuck in my head.

I have since looked up the correct pronunciation is actually ‘glaukes’ but glaux as ‘glow’ had well cemented its place in my mind.

This leads me to the next chapter of this story, if you care to dive a little deeper with me?

That 'oh' sound in French - eau, means water (l’eau).
My surname is Muir, which was originally taken from a Scottish place name meaning moor. It also means "sea" in Scottish Gaelic.
And I'll complete this Origin Story with one last symbol which is my star sign, Cancer, a water sign.

So at the risk of sounding completely narcissistic;

G L A U X is like the essence of me, at least the creative & little bit nerdy part of me that I want to share with all of you!

Allan & I dressed up for a special birthday dinner

So yes, hi! I’m Sophie, a yarn addicted knitter from Aotearoa. Occasionally I get in a sewing mood, and I also like to draw and paint. I don’t have a favourite colour, if I had to pick I would say rainbow (that counts right?), so exploring the world of yarn dyeing and endless colour possibilities is really exciting for me.

When I’m not doing any of the above I’m toddler wrangling first and foremost! After that, I'm either cooking, enjoying a wine, tending to my plants, or showing my husband, Allan, photos of cute puppies I wish we could adopt.  
I have worked in the Textiles Industry for over a decade.

 Feel free to connect with me on social media if you have any questions or just feel like a chat! 


- Sophie / G L A U X